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switzerland, part II

After visiting the Jungfrau region in 2009, we were so impressed that we had to come back. This region offers so many opportunities and excursions, that we decided to spend another 5 days exploring it. Luckily we hit a window of perfect weather on the first three days, enabling us to go up on the highest trams and trains with good views of the impressive landscape.

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new pics from 9 days in Mallorca…..

yes, we jetted over to beautiful and sunny Mallorca for nine days of pool, beach,  relaxing, endless sunshine  and great food. I think we will be back for a visit again in the future….this place is really nice !!

We stayed in the very comfortable „Club Colonia Sant Jordi“ hotel complex in the quaint seaside village of Colonia Sant Jordi, located on the southeastern corner of  the island. The beautiful 6 km long beach of „es Trenc“ is close by and really worth visiting. Other gorgeous land and seascapes are within minutes by bus or car, making this place a great base for exploring this interesting and versatile island.

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summer recap…..

…okay, I admit I’ve been a bit idle in writing lately (what’s it been….3 months now ? ). Needless to say, I’ve been busy.

My new job is taking up a good portion of my time. It’s very interesting and challenging so that makes it worth the many overtime hours I’ve spent pursuing it (compliments to Silke, who supports me greatly and is very understanding, even when I get home after a 12 hour day). The project will be launched in November and after the initial support phase, things should quiet down somewhat. By the holidays I should be back  to a normal work week.

In July we had a great visit from Chris and his family. They stayed with us over the weekend and then ventured off on a ten-day scenic excursion through France, Switzerland and Italy, then returning for an overnight stay before the flight back to Oregon. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and also had a nice side trip to Strassbourg while they were here (take a look at the pics in media).

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