summer recap…..

…okay, I admit I’ve been a bit idle in writing lately (what’s it been….3 months now ? ). Needless to say, I’ve been busy.

My new job is taking up a good portion of my time. It’s very interesting and challenging so that makes it worth the many overtime hours I’ve spent pursuing it (compliments to Silke, who supports me greatly and is very understanding, even when I get home after a 12 hour day). The project will be launched in November and after the initial support phase, things should quiet down somewhat. By the holidays I should be back  to a normal work week.

In July we had a great visit from Chris and his family. They stayed with us over the weekend and then ventured off on a ten-day scenic excursion through France, Switzerland and Italy, then returning for an overnight stay before the flight back to Oregon. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and also had a nice side trip to Strassbourg while they were here (take a look at the pics in media).

Silke & Kim
Silke & Kim on the Mannlichen
on the Mannlichen

A week later we were off on our own vacation to Italy. Inspired by Chris’s pictures and reports about the grandious scenery in Switzerland, we decided to leave two days early and spend a couple nights in Grindelwald. This proved to be an unfogettable experience, despite the crappy weather we had on the first day. We will definately go back, as there is so much to discover in the Jungfrau region. After that, we drove over the Grimsel and Simplon passes into the western lake district of Italy to Lago d’Orta. This serene lake is the westernmost of the larger lakes, just 10 kilometers from Lago Maggiore. Anyone wanting to avoid the somewhat touristy crowds of Maggiore is well advised to discover the lesser known „little brother“. Orta boasts the cleanest water of any freshwater lake in Europe, and the small towns along the shore have a slow-paced authentic Italian feel about them. The main attraction is Orta San Giulio, a lovely romantic town on the southeastern shore. It is located on a hilly peninsula and it’s tight cobblestone alleys are lively but not crowded, with small shops, restaurants and gelaterias. The Marketplace is directly on the lake, where watertaxis are available to the island Isola San Giulio, or any of the other towns along the lakeshore. After 3 relaxing days there we travelled east via Milan to Lago d’Garda, where we spent 4 days of sun & fun near Limone. Our hotel was nice but well of the beaten path so we were’nt able to do a lot of sightseeing there, but we made note of several places to visit when we visit again (which we will for sure).  Garda is the deepest lake of the northern italian lake region and is a windsurfing mecca (kind of reminded me of the Columbia gorge). I’ve posted some of the better pics in the media menu….take a look 😉

Enough for now, stay tuned for other news when it happens.

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